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We have been in the IT Industry since 1999 and have a wide knowledge of Windows, Linux, Mac and Android operating systems.

We provide a full comprehensive range of IT solutions, services and supplies for “Home Users” and “Businesses”

We have designed networks and built large bespoke CAD computers for engineering companies amongst many other projects and supported many companies over the years.
IT supplies, repairs, development, networking and support make up our core areas.

Computer Repair Service Gloucester

Computer Repairs

Computer Upgrades Service Gloucester

Computer Upgrades

Notebook & Laptop Upgrades Gloucester

Laptop Upgrades

Notebook & Laptop Repairs Gloucester

Laptop Repairs

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Virus Removal

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Data Recovery

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IT Support



IT Consultancy
Disaster Recovery
System Upgrades

Network Upgrades
Hardware Repairs
Hardware Upgrades

Software Upgrades
Data Back-up
Network Design

Network Installation
Internet Access
Office Relocation

“The pace of technological innovation demands that businesses of all sizes need to be up to date to survive – a key strategy for the successful businesses in most sectors is correct investment in and utilisation of technology.
To get these decisions right you need the best advice available”

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Our Sci-Fi Future, Silly vs Terrifying

Our Sci-Fi Future, Silly vs Terrifying The future is upon us!  Modern technological developments are now strikingly similar to the science fiction of the past.  While we aren’t living in domed cities with flying cars, we’ve got buildings that reach for the heavens,...

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What is a VPN & Top VPNs 2017

What is a VPNs & Top VPNs 2017 What is a VPN? If you're concerned about online privacy and want to spies away, a virtual private network (VPN) is what you require.. We round up the best VPN services for you to protect your location and allowing you to access...

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An Introduction to Cloud Computing

The term Cloud computing is the delivery of hosted services and applications over the internet. Cloud computing enables people and businesses to use a computer resource, such as storage or an application, without having to build and maintain computing infrastructures...

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5G is on its way!

Fifth Generation - 5G is on its way.... Most phones on the market are running 3G and 4G. The 5G wireless network is expected to roll out in early 2020, and an increasing number of businesses are already investing to prepare for the new mobile wireless network. 5G...

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Security and Choice of Password

Choose your passwords carefully... According to recent report by Verizon which you can read here , the biggest issue regarding data security is your choice of password and the steps you take to protect it.  With "63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default...

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Secure Digital SD Cards

SD Cards Universally used across a spectrum of digital hardware buying the right SD card can be confusing. The three main considerations when purchasing are: A) Which Size? Well you will of course need to check your device but basically there are three physical sizes....

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