Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 13 Review

Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 13 ReviewAs the title suggests, but to be clear, two Adobe products are packaged together in this product, Photoshop Elements for editing and enhancing photographs and Premier Elements for use with video material. The pack includes two DVDs – one for Windows systems and a second for Macs. There are also two small, but useful, booklets describing the main features of each software package with a limited introduction to using the software.
I’ve installed the Mac software but from the booklets the software appears to be the same across Windows and Macs. This is the latest 2014 version of Photoshop and Premier, version 13.

Photoshop is pretty much the industry standard for editing photographs.
The software here is a streamlined consumer focussed version of Photoshop as the ‘Elements’ name suggests. It has the most common, useful, and straightforward features of Photoshop. I haven’t used Photoshop Elements before but if you’ve used any image enhancement software you’ll be pretty familiar with what it does. This is helped by three levels of handholding provided by Adobe. ‘Quick’ is for beginners and offers a limited range of processing options that you simply click on. ‘Guided’ increases the range of processing options with a description of what you’re doing. ‘Expert’ seems to offer pretty much the same choices but without the guidance – it’s assumed that you know what the icons do.Each approach is embedded in the user interface.

It’s quite fun to play around with the many options available.
Throughout you’re working on a copy of the original photo so there’s no danger of destroying the original. The interface and expertise levels work very well and it’s easy to use. I’d recommend this for most users.

I’ve less use for video editing software and have played around with Premier Elements less. Adobe use the same three expertise levels which again I think works well. The video timeline interface makes splicing and intermixing two videos straightforward. The software does what you’d expect – allows you to add your own narration to video footage, add titles to footage, enhance images to a limited extent, and develop neat transitions between scenes. I’ve been running the software on a fast Mac and Premier is by no means sluggish. However, it is clearly using a fair amount of processing power which might be worth bearing in mind if you’ve a basic computer. This isn’t an issue for photoshop though.

So overall accessible software with good interfaces which share many common features. For the price I think it’s hard to fault. Strongly recommended.


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