Evernote Review

Find yourself making a lot of notes? If so then Evernote is right for you. It offers a simple but detailed note system that offers much much more than just notes.

Evernote ReviewThere are many features and advantages to using this great software product. At Magpie Image we have even used it as a CRM which of course can be accessed by all staff from anywhere on just about any device.

It has a clean and simple interface where you are only click away from any information you have stored. The best feature for me is to be able to receive a website enquiry from the main website and then forward it on to the software even being able to insert a tag, so when i next open the software the email is waiting for me and in the correct place.

We highly recommend Evernote 10/10

Here are some features from the FREE version:

  • Text notes.
  • Take photos and add them to notes.
  • Reminders.
  • Lists.
  • Effective note management system where you can organize notes into Work, Home and Travel categories.
  • Sharing and Sending work to others.
  • Synchronization from the desktop and mobile software.
  • Find your work quickly with the effective search system.
  • Manage Expenses.
  • Manage Business Travel.

Evernote really is one of the best productivity apps out and that is why Apple includes the app in its Essentials bundle.

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