McAfee Total Protection 2015 – 3 PC Review


McAfee Total Protection 2015 - 3 PCMalware detection is top class. Upon installation it wiped out viruses and worms that had slipped through after the last Antivirus expired. It even raised red flags on some PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs – nasty tool bars that hijack browser home page) that the earlier Antivirus found no issues with. I haver some PCs at home and at the office which run Webroot Secure Anywhere, Kaspersky Internet Security and BitDefender Total Security. I exchange data among these computers using Flash and I have not had a situation where a virus was detected from data coming from the PC with McAfee Total Protection and the opposite. The McAfee Site Advisor has made browsing safe, blocking infected URLs.


The File Lock Vaults are a nice addition as you can keep private files from prying eyes even when other people use your User Account on the PC.

The locked files are totally inaccessible without the password. But then you must remove them from the vaults before your subscription lapses because I suspect your files will be lost if McAfee expires and you jump ship to another Antivirus. So use this with caution.


Parental Control: I find the Parental Control inbuilt in Windows 7 to be easier to use and are free for the life of your Computer.

Vulnerability Scanner: This is essential, McAfee TP will alert you of Applications that are out of date and could be exploited by hackers.

QuickClean: Helps clean out junk to speed up windows. It’s cool, if you cannot use some excellent freeware like Eusing Cleaner


This is why I give it 4/5! It refused (with Impunity) to install on 2 PCs with 1GB RAM running Windows 7 Basic. These fall below McAfee’s But I was able to install Kaspersky Internet Security one of the PCs and Web root Secure Anywhere on the other. McAfee requires more RAM than most of the competition. If your PC has 1GB forget.

You have to create a McAfee Account before you can install this Antivirus. I wish this was optional because, the list of companies I have given my email to, is now miles long, eish! Once Account was created, I was allowed to download the software. It first downloads a small file that will download the rest of the installation files. It also downloads some files to scan the PC for any malware so as to ensure a trouble-free Installation. So the installation process is longer than Antiviruses like Kaspersky where registration is optional. In fact its also longer than Web root Secure and Anywhere, ESET Smart Security.

However once an account is created, you just need to redeem the licence in order to install McAfee on the remaining 2 Computers for a 3 licence.


McAfee Total Protection is top notch security though not for systems with little RAM. It has many other features such as File Lock Vault, Site Advisor, Anti-phishing and QuickClean. I beg McAfee to make Registration optional since not all user require the benefits of registration. It just lengthens the process of registration and some users (me to) are unhappy to give away their email address just to install an antivirus. The Installation time could do with some improvement to shorten it and make it less nauseating.


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