Microsoft Office 365 ReviewMicrosoft Office 365 Review

This is a great product – but reading some other reviews – I think people aren’t quite understanding how this product works. For my review, i’m going to quickly explain how to get this product activated (because it even confused me for a second and I work in IT!) then review the product.

Once you’ve purchased the software, you’ll need to go to your email account, open the Microsoft email and click a link to validate your software via the Microsoft website. It was as simple as clicking the link and entering my University email address. Once you’ve done this, it’ll tell you that you’re validated. From here, go back to your Amazon account and refresh the page. You should now see your product key. Type in the product key on the Microsoft site and you’ll be able to download your software. It’s quite easy really.

You’ll have to activate your Skype minutes separately! Go to your OneDrive account, sign in with your Microsoft Account (Email address) and look in the bottom left for the ‘Get More Storage’ button. Click that and you’ll see there’s a ‘View’ button, which will let you view your Office 365 subscription. This will take you to another page where you need to click a link to sign into Skype online and activate your minutes.

Back to the review: Office 365 is all about the “cloud”. Heard of OneDrive? OneDrive is Microsoft’s “Cloud”. The cloud is essentially a server which allocates space to YOU, the customer. It’s worth noting that this product comes with an absolutely massive 1TB worth of storage (that’s enough for 10,000,000 word docs, if they were 100kb each).

Anyway, you can store your documents and files on the cloud (OneDrive) and access them from your other devices e.g Mac, phone or tablet. OneDrive lets you share your files or even edit them in real time with your friends. This is vital for me because i’m currently taking a Microsoft course and a friend and I simultaneously edit a word document that we’ve shared between us – and we can see each other editing the document in real time.

This software is perfect for students (and Office 365 itself would work very well in an office environment where you have to collaborate with colleagues).

To sum it up – this is unbeatable value for money. Lets take a quick look at what you’re getting. This package includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access, 1TB of OneDrive storage and 60 mins of Skype calls to 40+ countries every month AND automatic upgrades on the software. This is for 4 years! That’s 1TB of storage hosted for four years, 2880 minutes on Skype, the whole office suite and it’s costing you just £52.98. That’s 4p A DAY for 4 years.

This really is unbeatable value and I strongly recommend people to purchase this product (And no, I don’t work for Microsoft!….but if they want to offer me a job, I would consider it, although my schedule is looking busy right now!).

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